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TopRC Voyager Painted with Retracts


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 The Voyager sport Jet like its brothers are built with the same technology, care and precision you find in all other TopRC Model products. 
The construction is comprised of Airex composite sandwich core, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and aircraft plywood. The exterior colors are painted to a beautiful finish. The landing gear, wheels and brakes are superior over other brands that just leave you bouncing and skidding across the runway. The Voyager struts are a beautiful design with robust construction.

  • Engineered structural integrity of the airframe and landing gear.

  • Highly pre-fabricated for short assembly time and successful equipment installation.

  • Well thought out aerodynamics for realistic flight performance.

  • Constantly high quality in-house manufacturing.

  • Breathtaking flying characteristics due to its aerodynamic structural design.

Length:  128 in. 3253 mm
Wing Span: 110 in. / 2790 mm
Turbine Power: 18-22 kg (39 – 48 lbs.)

Full composite construction. 
All surfaces pre-painted, decals applied and clear coated 
Beautiful detailed cockpit included
Detachable main wing, fuselage and tailplane & vertical fin for easy transportation. 
Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access to turbine and fuel system
Functional flaps for smooth landing. 
More than 95% assembled complete in factory. 
Tail tube and fuel tank included.
Heavy-duty electric retract set is included
Included hardware:  Yes